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01  about

We offer a comprehensive design service creating beautiful spaces and interiors.

Funded in 2002 we are committed to delivering exceptional, individual, comfortable stylish homes and spaces.

We can assist with sourcing, budgeting and project management. Working across different trades to action the desired results.

Attention to detail and meticulooius care we beleive good quality design enhances your home , its value and your sense of pride in your home/space.


02 portfolio

we work across a range of styles and peoples stages in life, in an ever changing world of different design trends and new product innovations. 


we design a scheme where the finished product is a true reflection & essence of  the client.

We encourage early involvement so any potential issues or concerns can be identified early in the design, build or renovation process.

this enables your ideas and vision to become reality.


 03  clients

Good design is instrumental to improving our lives.

Each Project is unique and our focus is on understanding the clients needs in order to provide a solution and a finished product that is both beautiful, stylish & functional.


Regular meeting and monitoring progress onsite is important so the project can run smoothly in a timely manner. Issues or challenges if and when they arise can be resolved in a timely and pragmatic way.

Regular contact help maintain a quality result.


04  contact

We encourage you to call to discuss your project from here we can meet to go through the finer details from this work up a brief & look at time lines. From this stage we will discover your personality, style and individual lifestyle, tastes and aspirations for this project.

 Rachyl   021837674